$ 700 Foreign Latin Americans Scholarship – 2019

Different governments of the world offer scholarships to Latin Americans who wish to pursue university studies abroad. These degree programs aim to position national higher education institutions on the international scene, strengthen inter-culturality within university communities and have talented students, professors and researchers in courses and institutional projects.

These scholarships are awarded by ministries or higher college education agencies. They are obtained based on merit, which means that the beneficiaries are chosen according to academic, artistic and leadership recognition.

They are also known as scholarships for excellence because they are aimed at profiles that can adequately support their motivations and aspirations in relation to the selected study, as well as demonstrate knowledge in a foreign language, high grade point average, academic references and sometimes professional experience. Online universities are not exempted.

Some governments consider the current place of residence of the applicant a determining criterion, if their offered degree program is intended to benefit those with less access to a higher quality higher college education.

Those who participate in the calls must also comply with the requirement of being admitted to the foreign institution and sign a letter of commitment to return to the country. On the one hand, governments do not grant scholarships to those who have not previously held a position at a university or research center. On the other, these state initiatives cannot encourage the brain drain.

The migration of highly qualified people affects the development and the economy of the countries if the knowledge acquired by these individuals and their capacity for innovation do not end up benefiting the national sectors. For this reason, the trainees are required to return to the territory of origin and show that they are active in a professional practice. Otherwise, they may be required to pay up to the total financial support received.

As countries want to strengthen research in favor of certain sectors, most of these scholarships for excellence are awarded for postgraduate studies. But several of them also provide financial support for undergraduate academic exchanges or for internships and research stays. Economic, life and social sciences, as well as engineering and the arts, are the most popular areas for these programs.

Before applying to these calls, which are usually annual, external factors that can support the candidacy must be considered. For example, in Asian or Eastern European countries, Latin American profiles are very attractive and scarce. Similarly, some scholarships are not complete but offer studies in cities with a strong academic tradition, which will significantly impact the performance of the resume in the labor market. Online universities are inclusive of this.

These government grants are usually complete, that is, they include tuition, lodging, food and air tickets. Some provide extra benefits such as computers, visa expenses, financial support for books and photocopies, among other items. Those that are partial usually exclude some of the elements mentioned above.

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  • my self abhishek kumar from india i need scholarship please grant me sholarship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my study.

  • Iam from Ethiopia i would have liked to get this opportunity as soon as possible
    Inam very talanted in Educational d/t sides
    I graduated from Arda university Alsison courses i took diploma in Ireland as an online
    I took fainancial planning in open 2 study universities Australia as an online i also took leadership identity influence and power from this university
    I wish to go forward

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