SENACYT Fully Funded Scholarships for Undergrad and Graduate Students, 2019

The Informative and Cultural Section of the Embassy of the United States of America, the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) and the Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (IFARHU), are pleased to offer scholarships that provide to Panamanians the opportunity to pursue studies at the master’s or doctorate level in the United States.

Say you wish to commence and complete your college education without financial strain then this scholarship offer is probably the best you deserve.

DURATION: The master has a maximum duration of two (2) years. The doctorate degree program has a duration of four years. If necessary, If the degree program extends to five years or more then the candidate must figure out a means of funding the remaining years of education.

Target Group: Panamanian professionals residing in Panama who have completed their degree until April 17, 2018, including the final graduation project. Students who are nationals of Panama residing in the United States or with dual nationality will not be considered for this student grant.

There would be a penchant for candidates who have never studied in the United States. Individuals who have previously received a Fulbright scholarship are not eligible for this degree program.

Eligible Careers: Open to careers in Science, Technology and Innovation contemplated under “Priority Areas”. For the year 2019-2020 the following areas of study will be considered: Transport and Logistics, Communication and Information, Basic Sciences, Bioscience and Agricultural Sciences, and Engineering. In no case will administration or management careers be covered with emphasis in these thematic areas.

SELECTION BASED ON: Academic excellence at the bachelor’s degree or master’s level, professional experience and potential to contribute to the country.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE: The level of English required to study in the United States will depend on the area of ​​study and the requirements of the program required by the US institution. Students seeking to enroll for master degree program or a bachelor degree must provide a TOEFL score result.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Minimum of two (2) years in the study area.

SELECTION OF THE UNIVERSITY: Once the process of pre-selection of the candidates has been completed, the candidate may recommend universities and these will be taken into consideration to the extent feasible.

Scholarship Value: The scholarship covers all round trip, registration fees, monthly stipend for accommodation and meals, health insurance.

Only includes funds for dependents of doctoral fellows according to the Scholarship Regulations of the IFARHU-SENACYT Program. Say you wish to commence and complete your college education without financial strain then this scholarship offer is probably the best you deserve.

CALENDAR: Academic studies will begin in August or September of 2019. Pre-selected candidates will take Preliminary Proficiency Tests in Spanish PAEP (Admission Test to Postgraduate Studies) and the English language in May / June 2018. Those who qualify will be interviewed by a committee of Panamanians and Americans in June / July 2018. All candidates will be notified in July / August 2018 if they have been pre-selected or not. The final selection will be based on the availability of funds provided by the Congress of the United States of America and the admission of the student to the university.

The selected candidates will take official proficiency exams (in English – GRE / GMAT / TOEFL, as the case may be) at the earliest. We recommend you to inform yourself about the preparation necessary to take these exams; they are indispensable requisites of admission and require a lot of practice and study before taking them.

In some instances, the candidate will only have an opportunity to take these exams in Panama before the universities begin making their decisions for admission. Each university has its own deadlines for admission and its own minimum scores to admit students; that is why we encourage you to study for these exams several months in advance. Send mail to the scholarship providers to learn more. and

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  • Dear sir/ madam,
    I’m from Sri Lanka.I faced Advanced level examination in biology in this year.I would like to leran further .but I am a very poor girl.please help me.
    Thank you.

  • Dear sir/madam
    I’m from Tanzania ,I completed my first degree (Bachelor of education in policy planning and management) and am interested to study further for Master degree but my family can’t afford to pay my fee for further study.Please would you help me.
    Than you

  • Hi,
    Good day to all of the staff,Im was long years way back graduated of BSNursing from the Philippines,i have my diploma, unfortunately i didn’t pass the licensed borad exam,any chance for me to avail the scholarship programs you have here? Thank you very much for your reply.
    Best Regards

  • How i wish i could study abroad for free..i came from.a poor family and wish to go college through scholarship…thank you and more power….have a nice day ahead….

  • Am a Sierra Leonean by nationality but presently in Turkey without schooling please I need this scholarship I don’t want to be a dropout please help me

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