BECAS Academic Funding in the USA [Fully Funded]

As you know, having the means to finance higher college education is not easy. Actually, there are some places you can go to get help. For example, your local EducationUSA Counseling Center can provide you with up-to-date information on possible options for obtaining limited study grants.

More than two-thirds of non-US students studying in the United States use funds from their personal accounts or rely on the help of their families as the main source of funding for their bachelor’s degree or college education. Only about 20 percent of foreign students in the US UU Receive funds that cover most of your academic expenses at a US college or university. UU

Several colleges, universities and English programs in the United States offer mostly partial scholarships for foreign students. However, each institute keep to to its own criteria and policies. For more details, contact the institution in which you are interested and this will explain your situation. But you must be prepared: the scholarships for international studies are very competitive!

There are scholarships, grants or programs that will help you finance your studies abroad. Below you can find the degree programs offered by the European Union, scholarships and grants from different organizations and entities, double degree programs and scholarships to study languages.

The European Union has launched a series of community programs aimed at improving the mobility of students between the different countries of the Union.

The Erasmus + program offers opportunities for study, training, work experience or volunteering abroad, as well as opportunities for collaboration between educational, training, youth and sports institutions. The Erasmus + program develops the following programs: School education: offers pre-school, primary and secondary education professionals mobility opportunities for learning, with the aim of expanding and improving their professional development. These opportunities are aimed at both teachers and non-teaching staff, to carry out development activities abroad, to expand knowledge and skills. Cooperation

Actions are also offered among schools or other organizations to improve the level and quality of teaching. Among these cooperative actions is online cooperation between eTwinning schools.

Vocational training: offers mobility opportunities to learn how to conduct studies and internships abroad for students, teachers and staff who teach basic vocational training and mid-level vocational training. In addition, it helps VET institutions to create strategic partnerships with other organizations and companies to establish strong relationships in the workplace.

The opportunities for VET students are to be able to undertake internships abroad to increase employability and improve their job expectations.

The opportunities for the teaching and non-teaching staff are to carry out professional development activities to improve their skills, increase their capacity to modernize their institutions and expand their knowledge of practices, policies and systems.

Higher education: this program offers exchange opportunities for Higher Vocational Training students, university students, doctoral students, professors and institutions around the world. The actions of this program are:

Mobility opportunities for learning in the studies of: higher education, bachelor’s degrees and masters.

Opportunities for the teaching staff and not decent to carry out professional development activities.

Cooperation between institutions: strategic partnerships, joint master’s degree programs.

Cooperation with companies: alliances for knowledge.

Cooperation outside the EU: implementation of joint projects, structural projects or international mobility opportunities.

Activities of Jean Monnet: these activities promote teaching and research, network cooperation projects, conferences and publications on European studies.

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  • I am a Yemeni student. I suffer from the lack of the appropriate environment to learn because of wars, poverty and problems. I sincerely hope that I can complete my bachelor’s and master’s studies and the doctor so that I can deliver my country to Yemen and all the people. I have obtained many honors and excellent grades in my high school and practical studies. I was able to complete my university studies and I deserved that wall

  • shalom,I greet you in the name of lord Jesus, i m Tanzanian man, 46 years old, Im looking for the financial support for my masters degree in Mathematics.
    may Almighty God bless you for assisting me.thanks i advance

  • My name is Loice,I have recently graduated from high school,however am greatly disadvantaged finaancially and i would like to study in the US FOR A DEGREE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW.

  • Good morning i am interested about having a scholarship and studying in abroad for dégree s or master’s classes
    How should proceed please
    Waiting for a favorable reply
    Great day

  • I am Bangladeshi Student, interested in marketing businessman subjeet.I wish to continue my master’s degree .

  • Am from South Sudan,the country who is mostly affected by war,poverty and problems .am currently completed my height school in 24- feb-2018 With excellent grade,and but no hope of joining university because of the war and problems that are here with me her South Sudan,am a orphan no one can support me in university level,hopefully by God grace you can support those who are in need of education but no support.i sincerely hope that I can complete my bachelor degree at your hands,and delivered out my people from the streets they are .if am wine this scholarship my parents’ll be most happiest and their streets will be reduce me too.thank May God bless you all.

  • am a student from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology-Sierra Leone campus,currently doing Business Information Technology.I am a third year student with a CGPA of 3.60,so it will be a honor to continue my studies abroad and i am looking forward to that opportunity.

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